Boundaries When Working at Home

floorDo you see this line on the floor……yes I did this once!  That was my ” invisible wall” for the day.  Working at home is not always easy.  Some time you are just too accessible for everyone.

Boundaries with family and friends are just as important as boundaries with clients.  While people will know you are at home make sure they know you are working.  Working late and the kids “want you” – that is a tough one based on their age but see if you can pre think some age appropriate solutions.  For teenagers that can be as simple as telling them to order two pizza’s for dinner what ever they want! lol

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Virtual Assistant – More Services to Offer

10-most-beautiful-home-office-designsSo as I write this it is Friday afternoon.  As a rule I like to finish with my clients by lunch time on a Friday, spend a bit of time on my business planning and then relax a bit before the door opens and bodies pile in for the weekend!  A great  part of working at home is I am not in rush hour on a Friday afternoon and crashing through the front door with the rest of the family – I am ready to face what they throw at me, you got to love “boys”! Continue reading

Accountability! What does that mean for your business?

AccountabilityYou know I really struggle when starting something new it is so easy to get distracted, to get “busy” doing things that will not move your business along.  I am no different from anyone else.  While I have made a living from home on my computer for many years I still struggle with change.  I would like to change up my business, take on coaching clients, provide information and training products.  I even have a plan, which I just updated.  Now sometimes life happens, which it did to me over the summer but how do “I” get back on track??? Continue reading

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Need A Website – Learn to Do It Yourself!

Learn to Make Your Own Sites!

Learn to Make Your Own Sites!

Wanted to put this out there for everyone.  This is a great course and if you are looking for a new “skill” to market this is it!  I have made back what I originally paid for the course countless times over.  In fact with just one Customer I made back what I spent.

Check it out – Website Design Mojo Starting October 22 with Angela Wills at Marketers Mojo.  Super easy format to follow along with, no worries if you miss something everything is recorded and online for your reference. And…it is only $127 right now, regular $397!  And yes this is an affiliate link, I will make a commission if you purchase but I also am able to pass along great offers like this!

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Graphics – You Can Do Your Own or Sell Them!

GraphicsAs many of you know I have been working on my group coaching program so I can offer it to those wishing to become a virtual assistant.  I am just about there and will be launching the sign up by the end of the month – actually maybe sooner but….

Tonight as I was working on some to the planning I was thinking back to some of the skills I have picked up since becoming a Virtual Assistant and do you know one of the is Graphics!  In fact without the skills I have picked up I know I would have been spending a lot of money! Continue reading

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Pack And Go Business when Working At Home!

Work Away from Home

Work In Florida During Girls Week with my Sisters!

“Pack and Go Business”!  You as a virtual assistant you really can pack up your business and go.  If you have an internet connection and a laptop you can work!  Even if you need to go off line for a while you can still work.

It is so awesome to be able to go on vacation and still bill for some time.  Don’t get me wrong here, I let my clients know I am away and will be responding once or twice a day depending but I do take a few minutes each day and look after a few things.  This is great for two reasons:

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Enjoy What You Do!

My Office today-OutsideEnjoying work and your business life:  this may seem to be a simple statement but you really need to love what you do to make it work if you are starting a virtual assistant business.  For the last 10+ years I have loved the freedom it has given me to work at home.  I have been able to be there for my kids, enjoy and nice afternoon, take vacations (and still bill for time) and sometimes something as simple as shopping for groceries in the middle of the day and not after work can make your life so much easier.  Note the picture….that says it all.  I love to enjoy the warm weather! Continue reading

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Balance In Your Life!

Blog 6 - BalanceYou often here people talking about “Balance” in life especially around work and careers, seems to be a big buzz word these days.  However, as you consider setting up a business you should really think about this before you start.  It will save you a lot of time and energy later

What are the current demands on your time, family, kids, aging parents, etc.  How do you see them changing in the near future.  In my experience the biggest issue with trying to create a balance is creating firm boundaries with clients.  Regardless of whether you are a virtual assistant or offering another type of service clients will often push the boundaries you create to suit there needs and not yours. Even after almost 11 years every now and then I need to remind myself why I am doing what I do – I do it for the freedom.  Freedom to create my own hours, freedom to control my income, freedom to chose who I work with.  If you let clients start dictating your hours and treating you like a “employee” you can so easily end up where you started or worse off.

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The “B” Word….Budget to Work at Home!

Budget-300x300Yes the “B” word!  But if you plan to work at home you need to budget.  How much money do you need or want to make, how many hours a day can you work, what are the increased expenses to run the business etc.  What will you charge per hour?

Your increased expenses should not run you a lot but you will need a website (will you create yourself or pay for one) and hosting (I suggest NetFirms), high speed internet, cell phone(I suggest unlimited data and calls) and set aside a bit for training/coaching.  I know, who wants to spend money before you have a customer but none of this will break the bank and keep in mind what people pay to start a traditional “bricks and mortar” business. Continue reading

Invest in Yourself!

Blog 5 - InvestSo, now if you have made the decision to work form home, whether it is a virtual assistant or not you need to “Invest in Yourself”

Yes you really do need too!  First up let yourself have some time – set time aside each day to plan, learn, market and train. Invest your time in creating a nice work place, and no I do not mean go out and spend lots of money.  Save your money for things that will bring you a return.  What do you have around the house, check out your local Freecycle Group and “up-cycle” something.  Up-cycling is a real passion of mine but more about that another day.  As mentioned before, you don’t need a lot but you need a space to work from each day.  That space can even move around but I would recommend you have somewhere to “park” all you work related items when you are done for the day.

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